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A Look into the World of Transmedia Storytelling and Alternate Reality Games



         In a search for similarity, one particular aspect of the human psyche stands out. This is our underlying desire for beauty, which differs from person to person.  Regardless, we are all compelled to seek it out in life. And when we find it, a feeling of content resonates within.

        Yet, when you examine the prominence of books, movies, and television shows, all of which offer an escape from one’s own reality, you realize that a vast majority of our population finds beauty in the escape, in the adventure, and in the pure exhilarating excitement of fantasy. And, this is where Transmedia Storytelling and Alternate Reality Games thrive.

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It’s release day! Happy Book Birthdays to DEADWOOD and BY JOVE!

Book birthdays are very special days. It takes a long time to get a book out into the world…a very, long, time. These are times to celebrate and I feel very lucky I get to celebrate along with these two authors.

It’s DEADWOOD day! “Sometimes a lucky ritual can become a curse.” This middle grade contemporary fantasy by Kell Andrews is going right into my beach bag. The cover alone just begs to be bought, doesn’t it?

And if you don’t believe me that it is a long, hard road to bring a book into the world, read Kell’s inspiring story on her blog!

And if that wasn’t enough to celebrate? BY JOVE, by the brilliant Marissa Doyle is out today!

It’s camp Half-Blood for adults!

Why is the Percy Jackson series such a hit? Because author Rick Riordan weaves a tale that brings ancient history to life, much in the same way Marissa Doyle captures the Greek and Roman mythos in BY JOVE. If you’ve read the Leland Sisters Series, than you already know that Doyle’s writing is so wonderfully atmospheric you’re instantly transported into a world that doesn’t let go until you’ve finished with it.

BY JOVE is the perfect summer-beach-read-romance, richly layered with a twisting plot and a tantalizing mystery. Theodora Fairchild is an unlikely heroine at first, trying to find her way as a new graduate student in the Classical Languages and History Department at John Winthrop University. It is here she meets our equally unsuspecting hero and love interest, Grant Proctor. There is more to everyone in this story than meets the eye; from the wickedly charming department head, Dr. Julian D’Amboise, to his fish loving colleague Dr. Waterman. There’s plenty of wine and togas, and more than a touch of magic.

Impeccably researched, BY JOVE never takes itself too seriously (although you may want to study Latin by the end of it!), yet you’ll be lost in the heady, romantic ethos of ancient Greece and Rome brought to life so effortlessly by Doyle.

This is a very fun read and for a limited time is cheaper than a crappy cup of coffee!

Perfect summer beach reads!

New Leaf Twitter Pitch Contest TODAY!



Hey everyone!

The assistants of New Leaf are excited to announce that we’re hosting a Twitter Pitch contest. We’ll be looking for stand-out pitches—tweeted by all of you—on behalf of the agents at New Leaf!

The rules:

  • The window to pitch your book ideas is Friday, May 23rd from 1-3PM EST
  • Pitches are limited to 140 character tweets! Include the hashtag #NLpitchperfect
  • If your tweet is favorited by New Leaf, that means we want you to query us! Email your query (plus the first 5 pages of the manuscript, but please include this in the body of the email!) to with the words “Query” and “New Leaf Pitch Perfect” in the subject line.
  • We will be looking for manuscripts on behalf of Joanna Volpe, Suzie Townsend, and Kathleen Ortiz, so we’d love to see pitches for (fiction or non-fiction) MG, YA, NA, and Adult manuscripts. Please refer to our About Us page ( for more details. 

We’re looking forward to seeing how creative you can get in 140 characters, and hoping to find some great new talent!

*FINAL REMINDER for everyone planning on participating, our Twitter Pitch contest is TODAY between 1-3pm EST. We are so excited to read these tweets. Remember to hashtag #NLpitchperfect 

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